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Hi, my name is Rachel Henderson. I’m an Ultrasound Consultant, founder of Shoufie Sense. My background is in maternal fetal sonography. I have thirteen years’ experience scanning high risk pregnancies in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United States.

I’ve worked with advanced maternal age, hypertensive, diabetic, twins, triplets, IVF/IUI, intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), and multiple fetal abnormalities. I understand the significance of each ultrasound  and why we work hard to save that perfect image. Having scanned thousands of women I can confidently say no two pregnancies are the same; each come with their own fears and uncertainty.

Fortunately, one thing I have noticed is whichever part of the world I’m in women want to be involved in their care. Patients want to be given explanations with examples, not hurried along with little to no feedback. Shoufie Sense recognizes this and the importance of advocacy. Together we’ll tackle these scans for clarity so you feel empowered and finally understand what you’re looking at.

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