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Shoufie Sense provides an individualized approach to a large portion of your care, understanding the ultrasounds. From first trimester, confirmation and nuchal translucency scans, to second trimester anatomy and cervical lengths all the way to third trimester growth/biophysical profiles (BPP), Doppler, and AFI studies. We will interpret your ultrasound, answer questions, go over images, set expectations, and provide feedback so you and your partner are well informed never clueless. Not only does Shoufie Sense provide ultrasound expertise, but also serves as a sounding board for your feelings after appointments, answer related questions, and tie up any loose ends that might not have made sense immediately in office. We serve as an online sister-friend during pregnancy with actual experience and expertise. Pregnancy can feel rushed and overwhelming, Shoufie Sense is the safe space where finally you can recognize what you're looking at and enjoy the best part of pregnancy.


Thank you Rachel! This pregnancy was IVF and I was comforted the whole time. She made me feel involved and understood. I love that she reassured and kept me calm so I could enjoy my pregnancy- she was the friend I needed

Discovering I was expecting twins led me to a different realm of medical care. Initially uneasy with the shift, meeting Rachel transformed my experience. She not only listened to my concerns but provided clear insights throughout the 7 months. Trusting her over my OBGYN team, Rachel advocated for my birth plan, offering warmth, encouragement, and unwavering support. Her professionalism, care, and nurturing demeanor made the journey a positive one. I highly recommend Rachel for her exceptional guidance and understanding, especially for those uncomfortable discussing concerns with their medical team.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with twins, I was sent to a high risk doctor for all my ultrasounds. At first I was frustrated because I take my own personal health seriously and didn't like the label the medical field placed on me just because I was pregnant with twins. I had two very normal and healthy singleton pregnancies and births prior. When I started going to the high risk doctor and met Rachel, all my frustration subsided because I was immediately met by someone who heard me, and understood my fears and frustrations. I felt open to communicate with her about what I was feeling, as well as clear insight to how my pregnancy was going throughout the 7 months I attended the high risk doctor. To be 100% honest, I trusted Rachel over the doctors and midwife's at my OBGYN office because I felt Rachel was advocating for me and my birth plan the entire time. She felt warm, helpful, and so encouraging throughout the entire process. She was there to answer all my questions, and was vocal about believing in me and my birth plan when all doctors were pushing for me to have a c section. Rachel was the key contributor to my peace of mind during my pregnancy and I'm beyond grateful to have had her guidance. She is professional, caring, and nurturing. I highly recommend working with her, especially if you have questions you aren't comfortable communicating with your docs about.

Rachel was amazing during my pregnancy, especially after we found out my baby was IUGR. She really took the time to walk us through all his scans so we knew what we were looking at. Towards the end, I love how she explained the consequences of natural vs induced labor so I was prepared since my baby was small and it was unsafe to wait post dates. It helped me stay calm.  At delivery, I was not scared— I was prepared. It went exactly like she said weeks before. Rachel's guidance made everything so much easier. She made sure I knew what to expect. I can't thank her enough for being so knowledgeable and supportive.

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